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Mar 16, 2020

Learn to Run Your I.T. Business

Hosted by Jeff Halash from

Paco Lebron from ProdigyTeks

Robin Livesay from Uplevel Systems

MSP Unplugged


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Main Topic: Uplevel Systems

Active Directory users and computer management

Built-in SD-WAN capabilities

Managed VPNs

Quality of Services Prioritization (QoS)

Dual WAN load balancing

Fast VoIP failover

Sophisticated firewall

 Deep Packet Inspecttion (DPI)

 Content Filtering

 Country Blocking

Built-in 1/5 TB encrypted NAS


ransomware protection

cloud disaster recovery

encrypted archives

Critical data always backed up to the cloud

Remote management, diagnostics, alerting

No static IPs or ISP holdups on our cloud-based VPNs

Simple PCI-DSS and HIPAA compliance



Uplevel Systems

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Music By Jim Holley